Misaligned Body?




Strengthening Aid




Fine tuning tool



Misaligned Bodyshell

Its not that simple to mark the exact mounting position for bodyshell posts. How often do you wish you could move the bodyposts a few mmís because you drilled the holes in not quite the right place. Using the BodyBits you merely file out the existing holes in the bodyshell so the body is perfectly aligned to the chassis. Place the body bits over the bodyposts, recheck the alignment, mark the positions to screw the BodyBits to the body with the tip of a felt pen, drill out to 2mm and then secure with the nuts and bolts supplied. You could even paint the back of them to match the bodyshell. The bodyshell is now perfectly aligned and you didnít need to buy a new body after all.


Strengthening Aid

Many drivers already cut out polycarbonate washers to act as a mounting hole doubler. The mounting holes are a weak area and polycarbonate doublers are a great idea. The BodyBits do the same thing without the fuss of cutting out and gluing on as all the holes are pre punched.


Fine Tuning Bodyshell fore and aft

Some manufacturers design their bodyshells in such a way that the frontal overhang of the body on the chassis can be moved in either direction. This has an alarming effect on the way the car handles. By moving the bodyshell rearward on the chassis can create understeer that may neccessitate 50% extra steering throw to correct. On the other hand moving the bodyshell forward on the chassis can create extra sensitive steering.

The BodyBits allow the driver to fine tune the body position on the chassis to suit that particular circuit, by merely reversing them. The offcentre bodypost hole mounting hole will change the position of the body on the chassis by 5mm. It can also save the hassle of taking a number of different bodyshells with you to see which one works the best.

Kit consists of 4 die cut BodyBits, 8 screws, 8 nuts


Bodyshell Braces



Bodyshell Braces

These are used to stabilise the sides of bodyshells such as the VDS in all 3 scales. Made from virgin polycarbonate these brackets are partially bent to a 45% angle at each end and the mounting holes are pre punched. They fit between the face of the body and the sides of the body, usually 2 each side - one behind the front wheelarches and one in front of the rear wheelarches. You can attach with either 3mm screws and nuts or Nylon pop rivets. Stops the sides from flapping around at high speed.


Trim Tabs

We produce rear Trim tabs in 3 different sizes, one for 1/8 bodys such as the VDS and 962 (pictured at top), one for 1/10 235mm Bodys such as VDS and 962, and one for 1/10 200mm Bodys such as VDS, and GTP.






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