Frewer Racing were the worlds first serious Touring car bodyshell manufacturer with over 100 models in 5 different sizes covering 1/12, 1/10th and 1/8th scales. We pioneered the way Touring car bodys took shape. We have polycarbonate sheet manufactured in custom thickness such as .9mm instead of 1mm in order to save that little bit extra weight required for competitive racing especially in 1/10 Touring car racing where a low centre of gravity is preferable. Our wings are individually made from thicker 1mm material to give extra stability without compromising weight.


Frewer produces itís own moulding machines and as such are able to produce authentic looking bodyshells as demonstrated in many cases with severe undercuts at the front of the body.


Our decals are second to none, using digital processes to produce actual real scans of headlights and taillights covering an unlimited colour range, to the extent that some of our latest decals show actual cockpit images including the driver, instrumentation, roll bars, air intakes etc etc..


1/10 190mm

1/10 200mm

1/10 235mm

1/10 other








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