New Loletta 200mm


A radical new bodyshell combining the aerodynamic qualities of the VDS Lola together with practical solutions to provide additional strength, more downforce, more tuning options and user friendliness.



In the past moulded fins cause excessive stretching of the polycarbonate material causing weak areas around the top rear of the body and the sides.  If we manufacture bodyshells using more material to reduce the stretching, then other parts of the bodyshell become too thick creating extra weight that causes handling problems (especially under braking).  Also the cost becomes greater.  Due to the bolt on fins die cut from solid material this stretching is no longer an issue.  This also helps to thicken the sides which together with the moulded side detail prevents the sides from flapping at high speed.


More User Friendly

The Loletta is able to be purchased with the driver cockpit in 3 alternative positions depending on which position best suits your fuel tank.  This makes it easier to cut out around the tank and provide a neater appearance.  No more trouble trying to get paint in-between the fins.  With the solid fins, just lay them and spray them before you bolt to the chassis.  The area in front of the cockpit is raised to allow better clearance on some cars around the top of the front shock towers.


Improved Aerodynamics

The front dam has been raised by about 8mm to generate more high speed steering and this has been compensated for at the rear due to the die cut fins allowing a greater rear wing width.


Improved tuneability

The die cut fins offer the option to reduce their effectiveness by cutting them to suit your own personal style.  Initially the fins supplied will be on the larger side as it is a simple matter to reduce the side if preferred.  All mounting holes will be die cut as well.  The rear upsweep has been lowered a little to offer more steering options, but the trim tab is able to be raised well beyond the previous upsweep without losing rigidity.


Improved Engine Cooling Possibilities

With the cockpit mounted on the right hand side engine cooling can be enhanced!


Improved Appearance

The area behind the front wheel wells has been tightened to really make this body stand out.






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